A Bucklawren Poem

Posted on: 08/13/20 12:15 PM

Bucklawren Bed and Breakfast


Once more our journey has ended

At Bucklawren , we have come to rest

To share hospitality from our friend Jo

This haven in Cornwall is the best


Views that reach so far out to sea

Over farmland and green rolling hills

I never grow weary to enjoy this rich land

My vista from here always thrills


Our room so clean and homely

A bed where you sleep through the night

The breakfast from Jo is such a real joy

With everything served up just right


Here is a place we enjoy always ,such peace

And experience the calmest of days

We are sure to return to Bucklawren again

To enjoy life in so many ways


Once more to watch the Sun dance on the sea

And the fields , with rays that are kissed

See nature at its morning best parade

Watch the Island raise its head above the mist


Sometimes the simplest things in life

You can find with surprising ease

At Bucklawren we sit and enjoy our time

On the lawn with a gentle sea breeze




Nick Wotton